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Park Footpaths Take a Pounding in the Summer Heatwave

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Park footpaths, promenades and cycle ways in green spaces have seen a massive increase in use as the British public basks in the sunshine of the Summer heatwave. High temperatures and weeks of dry weather has encouraged people to visit parks and communal areas to soak up the sun. Some have headed to the coast and beauty spots to sunbathe and make the most of the warmth as the area of high pressure sits over the country.

Footfall Increases on Park Footpaths as People Enjoy the Sun

With the school holidays here, this trend shows no sign of slowing down as families and friends flock to places where they can enjoy time outside. Whether on foot or using a variety of person powered vehicles, many will be walking, pedalling, skating and scooting over the highly durable and smooth finishes of NatraTex park footpaths. Communal areas have been enhanced by clever planning and the specification of NatraTex brings outstanding results to decorative hard landscaping.

Making spaces accessible through safe surfacing enables people of all ages and mobility to enjoy time outdoors. Those who rely on wheelchairs and mobility scooters, or children in buggies and prams will find NatraTex pedestrian routes and park footpaths of high quality with a smooth finish, which also look great too. Our surfacing materials are designed and made to withstand a wide range of conditions and with a summer holiday packed with festivals and community events, we are delighted to play a part in everyone’s summer enjoyment.

Replace Worn Park Footpaths with NatraTex

Are you an architect, landscaper, local authority or housing developer looking for an exceptional surfacing material? We can deliver on durability and aesthetics. Be it during the hottest summer temperatures, the cold winter elements or the heaviest of spring showers – we have been producing quality materials to surface park footpaths, coloured cycle ways and more.

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