Park Footpaths Provide a Route to Winter Health

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Parks and communal spaces are popular during the summer months and it’s easy to see why. Warmer weather and more daylight encourage us to venture outside. But park footpaths and open spaces are arguably more important during the Winter. With shorter days it is even more significant to maximise our time outdoors. There are many benefits to us individually and collectively if we all head to our nearest park, whatever the weather or time of year.

Using Park Footpaths to Improve Our Mood

During winter we are tempted to stay indoors, eat comfort food and become less active. While this might provide a cosy respite from the colder temperatures and the early sunsets in the short term. Finding the motivation to go for a walk or a jog along park footpaths can reap many benefits. Getting wrapped up and venturing outside during the day exposes our skin to natural light which is then converted to vitamin D. Having adequate levels of vitamin D helps our mood and strengthens bones and teeth. The NHS states that “your body can’t make vitamin D if you’re sitting indoors by a sunny window because ultraviolet B (UVB) rays (the ones your body needs to make vitamin D) can’t get through the glass.”

The serotonin levels in our brain increase when we are being active, breathing fresh air and taking part in communal activities. We get a rush of endorphins which makes us feel good. Finding like-minded enthusiasts to take part in activities is easy.

The BBC’s Get Inspired campaign provides plenty of information on how to get started in all kind of activities. Every weekend at over 500 locations across the country thousands of participants take to park footpaths to enjoy the Park Run phenomenon.

With many of us spending up to 87% of our time indoors according to, even a gentle walk with friends in a public park during the day can improve our health and help to stave off feelings of isolation and low mood.

NatraTex Lead the Way with Park Footpaths

NatraTex coloured paving for park footpaths is durable, looks great and is a surface which is designed to withstand the full range of weather conditions whatever the time of year. There are plenty of examples of how open spaces and parks have been made accessible to all visitors by using NatraTex in our portfolio. Contact us for further information about our products and services.