NatraTex Paving The Way To A Brighter Future

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NatraTex has proven to be a product of choice in many educational schemes. Able to offer colourful, safe and durable surfaces that stand the test of time. Our surfacing is low maintenance and cost-effective when compared to other aesthetic hard landscaping products such as resin or block paving.

NatraTex is manufactured, supplied and laid hot in the same way as conventional tarmacadam. A key difference is that it uses its own innovative clear synthetic binder alongside a complimentary coloured stone for your desired appearance.

Working Alongside Conventional Landscaping Materials

Each school, college, or university acts as a seat of learning and discovery. Preparing those who study there with the knowledge and skills for the next chapter on their career and life. They are institutions and locations which must cope with a high footfall and provide inclusive access around a site or campus. They must also be adaptive to change in a constantly altering world.

NatraTex colourful surfacing can be used as a complete solution or it will work alongside a wide variety of more traditional materials. From granite blocks for decorative pathway edging to being able to sit comfortably alongside architecture of historic significance or contemporary design. Many places of learning have a heritage which goes back decades or even hundreds of years. Our surfacing has met the requirements of World Heritage status and Grade 2 listed locations.

Adaptable Surfacing Options for Education and Public Spaces

In the world of education, a school or college campus spans the public and private sectors. Apart from teaching the younger members of our society; courses and facilities are utilised by businesses for training, the public during the evenings for lifelong learning and recreation, and the buildings act as a community hub.

NatraTex is an experienced supplier of coloured surfacing materials which has been used in all manner of public spaces and can be adapted to be SUDS compliant.

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