Paving Slabs and Blocks versus NatraTex

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Paving slabs and blocks are often the surfacing materials of choice for residential driveways, pathways and patios. The landscaping around our houses is a very important aspect of what makes a property a home. A hardstanding space providing off road parking, a good pathway to the front door and around the outside of the building, a patio area for relaxing and entertaining outside. All are high on the wish list of homeowners and house buyers. But have you considered NatraTex as an alternative to traditional decorative paving materials?

Paving Slabs and Blocks Can Become Uneven

Paving slabs, blocks and large pavers can become uneven over time presenting a trip hazard as well as being unsightly. This occurs if the area has not been prepared sufficiently for the subsoil conditions before they are laid. The effects of ground frost, water getting between the paving slabs and washing away the sand and cement underneath make sections uneven.
Depending upon the size of the affected surface area of your patio, drive or pathways, you may have to have the whole lot uplifted. The foundations will need to be prepared again. This could involve laying a membrane, compacting hardcore, or installing a steel reinforcing mat before the slabs are reinstated with an adequate fixing of sand and cement to secure them.
All of this could present a costly repair, especially if this is the result of bad DIY. Surveys by insurers have discovered that the average cost of repairing a DIY disaster is between £3000 to £4600. The Great British public spends an amazing £34 billion each year to fix these mistakes.

When it comes to creating long-lasting and beautiful outdoor spaces, having professionally installed NatraTex decorative paving could be one of the best choices you make for your home.

Opting for NatraTex Over Paving Slabs and Blocks

NatraTex is proven within residential settings and developments across the UK. With a wide range of colours and tones, you could have a level and uniform surfacing which complements the exterior of your home. All of this comes without the problems associated with paving slabs and blocks. It will add instant kerb appeal, can withstand vehicle use and heavy footfall, and is low maintenance too. A cost-effective solution for coloured paving, you can create that all-important impression for visitors to your home.

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