Playground Surfaces to Encourage Physical Activity

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Levels of physical activity are falling in children and teenagers in the UK which is why providing spaces to exercise is very important. Official data has shown that activity levels have dropped by a third over a thirty year period in Great Britain. Playground surfaces can play a crucial role in reversing this trend as British children are now considered amongst the least active in the world. NatraTex is a material which delivers a weatherproof surface allowing a durable space to enjoy active fun away from screens.

Playground Surfaces to Get Kids Active

The World Health Organisation says that children aged 5 to 17 years should aim to accumulate at least an hour of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity on a daily basis. Playground surfaces cover an area which children can run on, play games and sports, or generally let off steam when not in the class room environment. Being outside aids concentration, has a positive influence on sleep, and lifts our mood.

Having a stimulating place like a Multi Use Games Area and playgrounds encourage activity to counter a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits to health include, developing healthy muscles, bones and joints. Fitness levels and cardio vascular functions are improved, as are balance and coordination, and healthy bodyweights are maintained. In a world where we face the consequences of obesity and illness related to inactivity, investing in high quality playground surfaces by NatraTex goes beyond improving the exterior appearance of school buildings. This type of coloured hard landscaping really does benefit individuals and the wider community.

Playground Surfaces for your School

NatraTex is highly experienced at delivering playground surfacing solutions to primary schools, secondary schools and academies and colleges too. Our project portfolio is packed with examples of how we have delivered durable and attractive playground surfaces and MUGA’s. Working with architects, schools and local education authorities we have played a part in building outdoor spaces which are safe, durable, and fun for all in the education community.

We would be happy to demonstrate our fantastic colour range and material specifications. To discuss your project requirements further, please contact us today.