Regenerate the Education Sector with NatraTex

NatraTex |

NatraTex was chosen for its serene look at a top London school.

NatraTex is known for creating distinguishing installations alongside the various buildings and landscapes it is used to compliment, especially for school surfacing.

NatraTex Cotswold, NatraTex’s flagship product, was installed at a girl’s school in Hammersmith, London.  Both products from the NatraTex Cotswold range were used to create peaceful reflection gardens for the students to relax in.

NatraTex creates a vibrant look for school surfacing.

NatraTex Colour in red was chosen at a school in Edgbaston, Birmingham.  The aim was to distinguish between the playground and the pick up zone where children would wait for their parents to collect them after school. We have a broad range colours for school surfacing solutions.

NatraTex is a decorative landscaping material which can be used to compliment any project and is available in a host of colourful paving to suit your scheme.

To see how NatraTex can benefit your next scheme view our portfolio here or to book a CPD presentation click here.