NatraTex Paving the Way to Regeneration

NatraTex |

Local authorities and private developers are using NatraTex as the finishing touch to regeneration projects throughout England and Wales, as some of the architectural eyesores from the sixties and seventies are being replaced by more considered construction.

NatraTex isn’t just one product, it’s a range of specifically designed surface courses to suit your scheme.

NatraTex is durable, colourful and versatile and can be used on either roads, footpaths, cycleways or bus lanes.

Sharing very similar characteristics to that of a conventional macadam.  It’s laid at the same depth and on the same sublayers (base and binder course).

NatraTex Offers Major Programme Savings When Compared to Other Coloured Surfaces

We are able to design our NatraTex products to cope with the stresses and strains of heavily trafficked areas.

NatraTex also offers significant programme savings when compared to other aesthetic surfaces.

All of our NatraTex range is suitable for pedestrian traffic.  Our natural aggregates product, NatraTex Cotswold, is very popular for use on footpaths and courtyard areas.

It ages beautifully, as the natural aggregate becomes progressively more exposed as it weathers.

As most projects are completed it’s likely that bollards will need replacing or other small areas will need to be patched.  NatraTex Cold Lay is available in a 25kg bucket to help fill the deformation from these issues.

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