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Gravel footpaths, in their traditional sense, consist of a loose layer of aggregate or scree to define a path or driveway. A conventional route is marked out, the turf is then trimmed and removed. The exposed soil is compacted, a weed proof membrane is installed along with edging before a large amount of aggregate material is installed. Once this has been levelled, a layer of fine gravel is used as the top decorative layer.

NatraTex has a range of decorative hard landscaping materials which offer an alternative to these types of gravel footpaths. These materials offer considerable benefits over traditional gravel or tarmac, such as durability and permeability, and are ideal for school surfacing, park footpaths, and driveways.

Go Beyond Conventional Gravel Footpaths with NatraTex Products

Loose gravel footpaths can be slippery and pose a mobility issue to people who have difficulty walking – such as children or the elderly; parents with buggies or prams; and those who rely on wheelchairs. Another disadvantage of gravel footpaths is that over time, the gravel will disperse, spilling over the edges.

As a result, the gravel will need replenishing eventually. At the same time, aggressive and invasive plants – as well as some animals and insects – can breach the weed membrane. As a result, a gravel footpath needs regular maintenance.

NatraTex offers a choice of alternate products which deliver a fully bonded aggregate surface. The gravel and chippings are still visible, but the pathway is easy for everyone to walk or wheel over. Our decorative hard landscaping also has an incredible longevity, doesn’t require maintenance and is quick and easy to install.

Your Options For NatraTex Decorative Hard Landscaping

NatraTex offers a range of high quality bonded aggregate products, ideal for breathing new life into an existing space.

For example, our NatraTex Cotswold product imbues a warm and welcoming tone to any hard landscaping. It’s a modern design, sympathetic to the environment, which blends in well with any natural space or decorative paving.

NatraTex Colour gives a wide choice of colours for highly imaginative options. NatraTex Colour is the ideal material for school surfacing MUGA pitches and other public spaces. Children will find the vibrant colourful surface extremely appealing and stimulating, and the extreme contrast offers numerous health and safety benefits – particularly when it comes to busy space and roads.

NatraTex ChipTex is one of NatraTex’s premier decorative hard landscaping products. It consists of bound coloured chippings, which can be scattered over and rolled into traditional asphalt during installation, transforming it into a decorative surfacing. Chiptex has a textured appearance, but without the slip hazard associated with unbound gravel footpaths.

NatraTex Eco, our newest product, features a bright and eye-catching appearance. However, thanks to its manufacturing process – which uses 50% recycled material – it is extremely ecologically friendly. As a result, NatraTex Eco is ideal for any green space – such as schools, parks, or even your home.

Discover a Superior Solution to Gravel Footpaths: Discover NatraTex

NatraTex decorative paving is a high quality surfacing product, providing a practical and creative alternative to traditional gravel footpaths.

For further information about these products, their materials and technical specifications, please get in touch with NatraTex today.