Coloured Playgrounds at Fossebrook School

School Surfacing for Playgrounds

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With space often at a premium, your school surfacing will have to work hard to fulfil several purposes. Schools are heavily pedestrianised areas with a regular flow of people moving around the site. Pupils will move between buildings for lessons and spend time outside in the playground during break times. Apart from a space for children to meet and interact socially outside the classroom. The playground is also the surface for a variety of sports during physical education lessons or after school clubs. NatraTex and NatraTex Colour are both tried and tested forms of paving, which are now in schools across the country.

School Surfacing Solutions from NatraTex

Fossebrook School is a new development by Leicestershire County Council. The clever use of NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Grey in the design by Kast Architects and MeiLoci Landscape Architects created demarked zones for the playground and the walkways. Choosing these two materials created a clearly defined footpath and pedestrian route around the school without any physical barriers. This school surfacing is very user friendly. The open plan of the exterior and the tones of the hard landscaping connect the building with its surroundings. It all adds up to making a welcoming environment conducive to learning and community.

Another advantage of NatraTex is the range of colours with which designers and architects can work with. At one time, different sports were played on different courts and pitches. It is now possible to combine various sports surfaces into a multi-use games area, or MUGA. The school playground, can now be turned into an all-weather surface for team sports like basketball, hockey, 5-a-side football, tennis, netball, and more. Within a relatively small surface area, children can exercise, learn valuable team skills, and maybe discover a talent which will make them a sports star of the future.

For School Surfacing Choose NatraTex

NatraTex is used in school surfacing as an alternative to black asphalt. It has many properties which will enable you to maximise your investment on the hard landscaping of a school or college. Laid in the same way as traditional tarmacadam, it is a brilliant and versatile alternative. Utilising a clear synthetic binder, it allows the coloured aggregate to display. Being durable, weatherproof, and low maintenance, it is a practical and economically viable solution for school surfacing. To find out more contact us today.