5 Reasons to Specify NatraTex Coloured Paving

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Aesthetically Pleasing Coloured Paving

We use a complimenting aggregate for the surface course which provides a beautiful long lasting colour.  For example, we use a Criggion aggregate in our green and a Cloburn aggregate in our red mixes.  Once the binder film is worn off the stone, the natural colour of the aggregate ensures that the surface retains its colour.


NatraTex is a full depth surface course.  It’s a direct replacement to a conventional macadam surface course but with sub layers remaining the same.  Because it’s not a resin bonded or bound material it will not delaminate as some of the resin products do.  It can be trafficked as well as wear just like a ‘conventional macadam’, bearing up to the test of time.

Time Saving

NatraTex can be installed with a paving machine, which means that it is possible to establish 2,000m2 per day rather than only being able to establish approx. 250m2 of resin.  NatraTex can be installed all year round.


We offer a range of Mix Designs to suit almost all applications from dense footpaths to heavy duty for trafficked schemes.  We manufacture our products to be permeable if there’s a SUDS requirement.  However, we would highly recommend getting in touch with a member of our dedicated sales team to ensure that a porous product is suitable.

Customer Relations

We have a dedicated, knowledgeable team that will work with you from concept stage with CPD presentations and samples.  Through the design stage, working alongside the designer to ensure that the right product is specified.  We can help with putting a specifier in touch with a surfacing contractor as well as attending the site where NatraTex is installed.  We pride ourselves on being friendly, straightforwards and easy to do business with.

Our coloured paving products are also available on the National BIM Library website.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about NatraTex Cotswold or NatraTex Colour, take a look at our FAQs, book a CPD session or contact us today.