NatraTex – Swift & Durable Hard Landscaping

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Whether using NatraTex for footpaths or car access routes through a new residential area, NatraTex is the coloured paving of choice among many architects and developers for instant kerb appeal.

It is virtually maintenance-free and maintains its colour for a long-lasting finish that remains sympathetically pleasing to the surrounding area.

NatraTex isn’t just one product, it’s a range of specifically designed surface courses to suit your scheme.

Innovative Coloured Surfacing from NatraTex

NatraTex shares similar characteristics with that of a conventional tarmacadam and is laid at the same depth and on the same sublayers (base and binder course). Through NatraTex’s own innovative clear synthetic binder there is no need for bitumen to be added to the mix. Instead, our surfacing gets its colour from using complementary coloured aggregate to create a long-lasting impact.

Bovis Homes, Linden Homes, and Belway Homes are just some of the nationally recognised housing and property developers who have used our colourful surfacing mixes to create roads, pavements, pathways, and driveways on their projects. For a high-quality appearance with matching performance, our products have been utilised across the UK.

This is in no small part down to our plants’ central location in Gloucestershire, which enables hot NatraTex surfacing to be despatched to just about any UK based construction site without it losing too much heat in the process. It will arrive at the optimum temperature for working, fitting in precisely with your construction schedule.

Discover More About Residential Surfacing

To find out how NatraTex can benefit your scheme or project contact us today. We offer free CPD presentations to architects and housing developers about our products. During this presentation, you will be supplied with expert knowledge as well as advice on how to install and maintain NatraTex. How can we transform the landscaping of your project?