Landscaping with NatraTex Cotswold

NatraTex Cotswold Used in a School Garden in Hammersmith

NatraTex is known for its aesthetics as well as its durability and versatile nature.

NatraTex red installed at Edgebaston Preparatory School

Regenerate the Education Sector with NatraTex


NatraTex was chosen for its serene look at a top London school and to provide vibrant school surfacing for a Birmingham school.

Coloured Playgrounds

NatraTex Paving The Way To A Brighter Future

NatraTex has proven to be a product of choice in many educational schemes.

Coloured Playgrounds

Coloured Playgrounds with A Rainbow of Options

Coloured playgrounds are an area where NatraTex excels. The variety of colours at the disposal of landscape architects and planners enables a high level of creativity and fun.

MUGA Surfacing using NatraTex Porous

NatraTex Porous a Rejuvenated Product from NatraTex!


NatraTex has rejuvenated its leading product range to create a new porous alternative to the popular asphalt material.