Coloured roads and driveways

NatraTex – Swift & Durable Hard Landscaping

Your library is your paradise. Make your paradise on NatraTex.

Coloured Playgrounds

NatraTex – An Aesthetically Pleasing Product 


NatraTex can be used for a variety of installations from Multi-Use Games Area surfacing (MUGA), retail outlet parking to a cycleway or a footpath just to name a few.

Decorative Cycle paths in Bournemouth using NatraTex Cotswold

Riverside Pathway Brought to Life with NatraTex

Whether installed for a cycle track or bus lane, NatraTex offers a versatile product to suit any scheme.

Coloured roads and driveways

NatraTex Sets the Scene at Leybourne Chase

NatraTex Cotswold®

NatraTex proves its coloured surfacing to be durable and versatile at Leybourne Chase, West Malling.

Decorative Landscaping at Fossebrook School

Decorative Landscaping Solutions for Architects and Designers

Decorative landscaping plays an important part within our built environment. The influence it has over how we interact within a place and even how we feel cannot be underestimated. Nobody knows this more than landscape architects and designers.

Coloured Playgrounds

NatraTex Paving the Way to Regeneration


Local authorities and private developers are using NatraTex as the finishing touch to regeneration projects throughout England and Wales, as some of the architectural eyesores from the sixties and seventies are being replaced by more considered construction.

Decorative Landscaping from NatraTex

Decorative Landscaping Projects for Summer

Summer is the time of year for carrying out decorative landscaping projects. NatraTex is here to supply outstanding coloured paving materials which bring the plans of architects and designers to life.

Decorative Landscaping from NatraTex

Decorative Landscaping Product Range Expands

The decorative landscaping product range at NatraTex continues to grow, giving our customers a wider choice of options. Not just because of the mix of colours, but also the technical capabilities of the surfacing.

Decorative Driveways at Winchester Village

Decorative Driveways with a High Quality Finish

Decorative driveways can be made to look extra special by using NatraTex Cotswold.

Decorative Landscaping at Fossebrook School

Decorative Landscaping to Enhance All Locations

Decorative landscaping really does make a difference to any location. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression is the adage. We have successfully provided bound aggregate decorative landscaping solutions to projects across the United Kingdom for decades. How can we help you?