Decorative Footpaths at Bath Spa University

Alternative to Conventional Paving


NatraTex is available in a range of beautiful colours that will brighten any area that it’s installed in. NatraTex remains safe and durable, not presenting any trip hazards.

Coloured roads and driveways

What you need to know about NatraTex

We have put together a few things that you should know about NatraTex.

Coloured roads and driveways

NatraTex – Swift & Durable Hard Landscaping

Your library is your paradise. Make your paradise on NatraTex.

Decorative Driveways at Winchester Village

Decorative Driveways Don’t Have to be Resin Bound

Are decorative driveways on your list of goals for 2019? NatraTex has leading edge materials to create a fantastic approach to your home or business properties.

Decorative Paving at Ryecroft School

Decorative Paving Solutions for Public Spaces

Achieving a well designed and appealing public space requires a conjuncture of elements all working together and decorative paving is a crucial part of this.

Coloured roads and driveways

NatraTex Sets the Scene at Leybourne Chase

NatraTex Cotswold®

NatraTex proves its coloured surfacing to be durable and versatile at Leybourne Chase, West Malling.

Decorative Landscaping at Fossebrook School

Decorative Landscaping Solutions for Architects and Designers

Decorative landscaping plays an important part within our built environment. The influence it has over how we interact within a place and even how we feel cannot be underestimated. Nobody knows this more than landscape architects and designers.

Decorative Paving

Decorative Paving for Homes and Gardens

Decorative paving is an important element in landscape architecture and garden design. The hard landscaping which surrounds our homes performs many functions. It guides and steers us through a space while creating the zoning and basis for softer elements such as the choice of planting.

NatraTex Cotswold

NatraTex An Alternative to Resin Bound Surfacing


NatraTex is an alternative to resin bound surfacing and other aesthetic hard landscaping materials but can be used alongside resin products to create a distinctive display.

Coloured Playgrounds

NatraTex Paving the Way to Regeneration


Local authorities and private developers are using NatraTex as the finishing touch to regeneration projects throughout England and Wales, as some of the architectural eyesores from the sixties and seventies are being replaced by more considered construction.