Making Park Footpaths Accessible With NatraTex

Making Park Footpaths Accessible For All With NatraTex

More and more of us are spending time in our local parks and green spaces. Learn how NatraTex surfacing is rising to the challenge in creating park footpaths that are accessible to all in 2020 and beyond.

Gravel Footpaths

Replace Gravel Footpaths with NatraTex

NatraTex has a range of materials which offer an alternative to traditional gravel footpaths. These offer considerable benefits over gravel footpaths including increased permeability, durability, and a wider choice in aesthetics.

Bound Aggregate Footpaths

NatraTex is the Answer to Bound Aggregate Footpaths

Bound aggregate footpaths are an essential part of modern urban living. They can be found in both outdoor public areas such as parks and playgrounds, and also privately owned spaces like a driveway or pathway to someone’s home or business premises.