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The Importance Of Community Engagement In Urban Regeneration

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With the rise of urban regeneration in most of the biggest UK cities, as well as globally, community engagement is more important now than ever before. Urban regeneration, also referred to as urban renewal, is investing public money or private funding into deprived areas in need of construction upgrades. For example, improved infrastructure to enhance access to healthcare and education.

A good relationship between communities and the government involves encouraging community engagement which enhances the government’s understanding of the needs and desires of its residents. Not only is community engagement advisable by the institutions of the government but it’s also seen as necessary and valuable in making informative and sustainable public decisions. This leads to better community developments and improved living conditions for residents. 

Urban regeneration has many other benefits for communities including:

  • Promote economic growth
  • Decrease unemployment rates
  • Make deprived areas more appealing to new residents and investors
  • Create opportunities in the area for residents

Why Use NatraTex In Urban Regeneration Projects?

The design of urban regeneration projects has shifted throughout the decades. These projects are no longer designed to only be functional, but they are also expected to be durable, low maintenance, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing. 

NatraTex surfacing delivers functionality and all of these expectations. Unlike other surfacing options, such as gravel or block paving, NatraTex surfacing is weed resistant and our products are made from asphalt which requires very little maintenance.

When maintained properly, NatraTex is extremely long-lasting and offers outstanding performance for years to come. We designed our surfacing products to cope with heavy use of vehicles and payloads. Therefore, making it a fantastic choice in the creation of urban regeneration projects. In the event of unexpected damage or deterioration, NatraTex surfacing can also be easily repaired by us without prolonged resurfacing works or expensive repair costs.

Want To Find Out More About NatraTex?

We understand the importance of community engagement in urban regeneration projects. This is why you should choose the best performing surfacing product to maximise the benefits of these improvements for communities and its residents. Our surfacing products are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes including NatraTex Cotswold, NatraTex Eco, NatraTex Colour, all of which cater to a wide range of urban regeneration projects. 

At NatraTex, our surfacing products are commonly used in a number of urban regeneration projects across the UK including highways, footpaths, cycle lanes and more. From building the latest asphalt infrastructure and transport links to creating attractive playgrounds, parks and other decorative landscaping. 

To see NatraTex in action, have a look at our regeneration case studies. Otherwise, contact us and speak to a member of our team today to find out how NatraTex is the top surfacing choice for your next urban regeneration project.