Making Park Footpaths Accessible With NatraTex

Time To Rethink Gravel Footpaths?

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For almost a hundred years, gravel has been the material of choice when it comes to building low-maintenance, busy footpaths. The reasons why gravel has had such a monopoly when it comes to footpaths are obvious: it’s permeable, has a low cost to lay and maintain, and is very easy to source. However, in 2022, is it time to put the humble gravel footpath to rest?

In NatraTex’s opinion, it is.

While the benefits of gravel footpaths are considerable, there are products out there that offer those same benefits with none of the associated drawbacks.


The main benefit that NatraTex holds over gravel is its durability. Individually, gravel stones have a similar level of durability to laid NatraTex. However, once laid, gravel easily disperses, either as a result of near-constant activity or because of weather. As a result, gravel footpaths diminish over time until there’s only a dirt path left.

In contrast, NatraTex’s products are incredibly durable and able to withstand decades of physical activity and harsh weather conditions. And because NatraTex is laid as a single piece, it simply doesn’t disperse. This means that a high-quality NatraTex surface will last for far longer than a  gravel footpath of similar size.


A white, pristine gravel footpath looks beautiful and mixes in with the natural landscape well. However, what about a non-pristine footpath? What about one that has sat in the rain and mud for several years and sees a lot of traffic? Not only are you likely to see a not-inconsiderable amount of dispersal as a result of long-term traffic, but you’re also likely to see a considerable amount of discolouration because of sunlight bleaching.

A Natratex surface, by comparison, will look pristine for far, far longer. Not only does its durability mean that breaking apart is extremely unlikely, but NatraTex tends to hold its colour much better than bare gravel does. What this means is that your Natratex

Decorative Hard Landscapes From NatraTex

Natratex manufactures and supplies a wide variety of coloured tarmac-alternative materials. Any of our products would be suitable as a basis for footpaths or serve as coloured paving.

For over five years, NatraTex and the BituChem Group have provided our customers with high-quality surfaces in a variety of colours and designs. Whether you’re looking for a material to construct coloured playgrounds, coloured driveways for stately homes, or school surfacing, we have the material surfacing material for you.

Get in touch with us today for more information about our range of coloured tarmac alternative products.