Try Something Different to Resin Bound Gravel

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Resin bound gravel is a popular choice for driveways, footpaths, courtyards and retail frontages. This is because it is a more appealing finish to the black asphalt we see on roads and pavements usually. There are two methods of application, one involves mixing the aggregate with the resin and applying this by trowel to a pre-prepared tarmacadam or concrete base layer. Or the resin is laid first, the gravel is scattered and once set, the excess is swept away, otherwise known as resin bonded surfacing. But did you know that there is another way to get superb results with outstanding durability?

Why is NatraTex Superior to Resin Bound Gravel?

The NatraTex alternative to resin bound gravel surfacing is prepared in advance at our manufacturing plant. It is transported to your site in insulated vehicles to retain heat so that when it is deposited it is hot and ready to work. Applying it to the base layer in the same way as bitumen based black asphalt. Your contractor can start installing straight away without the need for potentially messy mixing on site. Being an asphalt course in its own right makes it more durable because it won’t peel away in the way that other resin bound and resin bonded processes will. Another benefit is that it can be installed all year round, even in low temperatures.

The Efficient Alternative to Resin Bound Gravel Surfacing

Having a coloured asphalt course delivered in the exact quantity you need for the coverage area makes the installation more efficient. We can deliver a much greater tonnage for big projects, which is why we are a popular choice for architects, designers and property developers. Our project portfolio is packed with outstanding examples of how the NatraTex surfacing has been used as a superior alternative to resin bound gravel.

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