Versatile Landscape Installations from NatraTex

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Why choose between NatraTex and resin when you can use both!

NatraTex is a hard-wearing surface course installation that is an alternative to resin bound or bonded surfaces, block paving, conventional black macadam and other hard landscaping and decorative paving materials.

NatraTex shares similar characteristics with that of conventional black tarmacadam by being installed at the same depth and sub layers.

NatraTex can be used for a variety of schemes and is available in a host of different shades.

By using naturally sourced aggregate and minimal pigment NatraTex Cotswold will remain sympathetically pleasing to the area, whereas NatraTex Colour uses naturally sourced aggregate with a dash more pigment to create a more vibrant colour; this is ideal for demarcating, multi-use games areas (MUGA), schools, cycle and bus lanes etc.

Although NatraTex is durable and hard wearing when compared to resin materials, when used together they complement each other to create an attractive and appealing finish.

To see how NatraTex can benefit your next scheme view our portfolio of case studies or contact us to book a CPD presentation.