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Why NatraTex is Superior To Coloured Paving

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Compared to traditional grey paving slabs coloured paving is beautiful. It adds a variety and a level of individuality to locations that traditional surfacing just can’t compare with. However, coloured paving isn’t perfect, nor is it the best product available on the market. In this latest blog article from NatraTex, we’ll be going through why NatraTex and its various subgrades are superior to coloured paving when it comes to finding the perfect coloured hard landscaping. 

What is Coloured Hard Landscaping?

Coloured Hard Landscaping is any kind of colourful landscaping. Traditionally, this has referred to material made from Indian Sandstone, painted concrete, or resin. Both coloured paving and NatraTex are examples of coloured hard landscaping.

However, there are several differences between a material like NatraTex and coloured paving. And it is these differences which reveal NatraTex’s superiority. 

Coloured Paving is modular. NatraTex is Singular 

Coloured Paving is just that – a set of paving stones that are put together in an outdoor space like a mosaic. They can be put together in many different ways to create a unique design, and they have a wide range of use cases. For example, you could use them to create a decorative driveway or a landscape garden. 

However, while this modularity can be a benefit, it also has considerable disadvantages. The first of these is that there is space between the coloured paving stones. As a result, weeds and plants can still grow between these paving stones. People looking to keep their coloured paving looking pristine must do near-constant maintenance to keep weeds and plants from growing. 

Another way that this modularity can be a disadvantage is because concrete paving is normally made out of sandstone or some form of concrete. While both of these materials are extremely durable, they are still likely to be affected by weathering over time – whether through the friction caused by movement or because of the weather. As a result, over time the coloured paving tends to look discoloured and misshaped. Cracks can appear and parts of the paving – particularly the corners – can break off over time. 

In contrast, NatraTex is a singular product. It is poured and creates a single, solid piece, and its durability surpasses that of most forms of coloured concrete. As a result, NatraTex products do not allow weeds or plants to grow through them, and they are extremely resistant to weathering. This means that NatraTex products will look beautiful long after coloured paving stones have started to break apart.  

NatraTex Has a Wide Range of Colours

The next advantage that NatraTex has over coloured paving stone is that NatraTex comes in a wide variety of colours – many more than coloured paving. Traditionally, coloured paving stones are made from Indian sandstone, Limestone, or other similar material. This means that coloured paving stones are constrained to earthy tones, such as greys, browns and salmon colours. 

In contrast, NatraTex comes in a wide variety of colours. Not only the earthy tones that you would find in something like our NatraTex Cotswold but you also find products like NatraTex Colour – which comes in a wide variety of colours such as bright blue, deep red, green, and yellow. 

Because of this variety of colours, NatraTex products have the potential to create eye-catching surfaces in a wide variety of colours. At the same time, it’s possible to create a wide variety of different designs using NatraTex that just aren’t possible with coloured paving. 

NatraTex Is As Porous as You Want It To Be 

As we’ve mentioned on our FAQ page, NatraTex products can be modified to be as porous as you need them to be. This is a benefit over non-porous coloured pavement for one key reason: flooding. While the absolute apex level of porousness is not always required, in situations where a level of porousness is required, not having it can lead to serious negative consequences. 

For example, imagine you live in a low-lying valley, one which often deals with flooding or at least intense rain. In this situation having a patio or driveway made from a porous material means that you don’t have to worry about water failing to drain. Not only does this protect your home, but it also greatly extends the life of the surface in question. 

This variable level of porousness is a benefit even in comparison to coloured paving. There is space between the paving stones. However, as a result of the heavy paving stones, the ground nonetheless becomes compacted. This means that little to no water can seep into the ground, regardless of whether that ground is covered by a paving stone or not. 

Coloured Hard Landscaping From NatraTex

For over ten years, NatraTex has provided our clients with an alternative to traditional coloured tarmac or colour paving. Our products are suitable for a wide range of use cases and situations and are sure to stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for material for concrete driveways, park footpaths, or school surfacing, NatraTex has the material for you. 

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