Decorative Driveways: Which NatraTex Product is Best?

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NatraTex is a great product range with a wide variety of use cases. Whether you’re looking for a durable material for park footpaths or a bright product for use as a basis for MUGA pitches, you can find what you’re looking for at NatraTex. But what is the best product to use when it comes to decorative driveways? 

The answer is ‘it depends.’ Depending on your situation, we have several different products available which might be ideal for your use case. In this article, we’ll be going through the various products available from NatraTex and demonstrating how they could be used to create a decorative driveway. 

This article is not a definitive how-to, however. Your home is your home and your style is your style. These are just our ideas, and we’d love to hear how you’ve used our products to decorate your home. 

NatraTex Eco 

NatraTex Eco is a beautiful material. As its name suggests, it is extremely ecologically friendly – made from up to 30% recycled materials. This makes it ideal for the customer looking to minimise the ecological footprint of their installation. 

At the same time, NatraTex Eco’s base appearance is not too dissimilar to traditional asphalt. This makes it an ideal replacement material for locations which have to abide by specific decorative criteria – for example, if your home is in an area of historical significance. 

NatraTex Cotswold

NatraTex Cotswold is a light, modern material which compliments the natural landscape without overpowering it. At the same time, NatraTex Cotswold will last for decades thanks to its durable nature. 

This durability, combined with its sandy, almost-salmon colouring makes it ideal for rural homes or anywhere where a touch of colour wouldn’t overpower. NatraTex’s durability also makes it a great choice for people looking for a durable product that will last decades. 

NatraTex ChipTex

NatraTex ChipTex is a great choice for people looking for a product that is both conservative and fresh. As such, Chiptex is Ideal for customers looking for a product that blends in with traditional or semi-industrial surroundings but who want to add a touch of individuality to it. 

NatraTex Colour

NatraTex Colour is without a doubt the best product for anyone looking to create a coloured driveway. Wherever you are in the United Kingdom, there is no better surfacing product in terms of colour choice. 

From fairly conservative reds and sandy yellows to more adventurous colours such as green, orange and blue, whatever your vision for your driveway  NatraTex Colour gives you the choice and the variety of colours to make it a reality. 

Decorative Hard Landscaping From NatraTex

As you can see, NatraTex manufactures a range of coloured tarmac-alternative products –  any of which would be ideal for a decorative driveway or indeed any kind of outdoor space. The driveway materials you use will depend greatly upon you, your budget, your taste, and your home’s exterior. 

For more information about our range of decorative surfacing products,  get in touch with NatraTex today. Likewise, if you’ve chosen to use NatraTex’s products to decorate your driveway and would like to show us how it looks