Coloured Driveways

Exploring The Different Types Of Coloured Paving For Your Driveway

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Are you looking to update and change up the appearance of your current driveway? Does it look cracked, dull or lifeless? If the answer to this is yes, then you should consider a coloured driveway. For decades, the standard driveway for most British properties was natural earth-toned bricks, plain grey concrete or black tarmac. Today, there are far more options for home and business owners to choose from. In this article, we will explore the different types of coloured paving’s for your driveway. 

NatraTex ChipTex

If you like the appearance of a classic black tarmac driveway, NatraTex ChipTex is ideal for differentiating a tarmac driveway and making it more attractive by adding an element of depth. First, hot rolled asphalt is laid, followed by the application of NatraTex ChipTex, which are coloured chippings made from aggregate pigment and a clear synthetic binder. Next, they are rolled into the hot surface to stay in place. ChipTex chippings are available in two different sizes – 10mm and 20mm and multiple colour options including light grey, red and buff to achieve your desired look.

NatraTex Colour

lf it’s a bright, colourful and vibrant driveway you are looking for, NatraTex Colour is our most attractive and extravagant asphalt material available. Manufactured using naturally coloured aggregate with a decent amount of pigment, adding colour and life to your driveway. Select from an extensive range of colours including light grey, grey, green, blue, gold, red, terracotta and salmon. Nominal aggregate sizes include 6mm or 10mm. 

NatraTex Cotswold

If you are looking for a coloured driveway with a natural aesthetic, NatraTex Cotswold is the best of the both worlds. Similar to NatraTex Colour but made with less pigment, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Available in 2 different colours, buff 1 and buff 2. Both colours have a brownish-yellow tone to resemble traditional Cotswold stone and buff is also similar to tawny, sand or beige colours.

For Coloured & Aesthetically Pleasing Driveways, Contact NatraTex Today

If you didn’t know already, NatraTex is a well-established specialist in decorative surfacing and coloured paving. We are passionate about adding long-lasting colour to driveways across the UK. All of our coloured paving materials are top-quality, durable, reliable, cost-effective, low-maintenance and of course, aesthetically pleasing. If you would like to see the finished results using the NatraTex materials listed above, please check out our residential portfolio for recent driveway and paving projects. 

Otherwise, feel free to order a sample of NatraTex Colour or NatraTex Cotswold and select your desired colours from them. For any enquiries or for further information on any of our paving materials, please contact us today.