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Eye-Catching Decorative Hard Landscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

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When it comes to outdoor spaces, it’s important to set the best first impression possible. As a business owner, you will want your outdoor space to be attractive to customers. On the other hand, domestic residents will want their outdoor spaces to be inviting and aesthetically pleasing. One way to achieve this is by investing in decorative hard landscaping to make your outdoor space stand out from the crowd. As a specialist in the area, we want to share a few eye-catching decorative hard landscaping ideas for your outdoor space.

1) Paving

The shopping experience for all customers starts the second customers drive into your premises. Therefore, the hard landscaping of your premises must be designed to draw people in. If you have a spacious outdoor space, you should consider building a pathway to guide visitors and customers around your premises. Paving is ideal for many businesses including garden centres and retail parks. Everything from pedestrian pathways to parking bays with carefully marked pedestrian access routes must deliver a pleasant experience.

2) Decorative Driveways

There is nothing more inviting than a decorative driveway, whether the outdoor space is for commercial or domestic purposes. Not only does a well-maintained driveway increase the value of your home or business premises, it also enhances your outdoor space and offers a curb-appealing appearance. Decorative driveways can also help blend a building into its surroundings while adding individuality to the area. If you already have a driveway, it might be time to refresh it, especially if there are visible cracks or damage.

3) Welcoming Entrances

For the ultimate commercial outdoor space, you can add a welcoming entrance to greet customers as they enter your business. A decorative driveway and a welcoming entrance go hand in hand. It’s important to create an entrance that reflects your business and encourages customers to step inside. A good entrance should have decorative hard landscaping for easy and clear access from the parking bay to the entry door. To decorate, add outdoor lighting, vibrant flowers or plant pots to both sides of the entrance.

4) Courtyards

Not every business has a large amount of outdoor space, but if you have this luxury, there are ways of making the best use of it. Add colourful or neutral hard landscaping with a few tables and chairs or benches to create a simple courtyard. Building a courtyard is a fantastic idea for retail parks and businesses in the food or drink industry. It offers an elevated space for both customers and employees to sit or relax nearby.

5) Eco-Friendly Spaces

If the environment is important to you and your business, there are still ways to build an attractive yet eco-friendly outdoor space. When a business makes an effort to become environmentally friendly, this can really attract new customers. Some of the ways to create an eco-friendly space include keeping your outdoor space looking as natural as possible, reducing your water usage and using eco-friendly or recycled surfacing products.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space With NatraTex

Are you looking to incorporate decorative hard landscaping into your outdoor space? If so, it’s important to choose high-quality surfacing products to achieve the best results. At NatraTex, we have been providing our commercial and domestic clients with high-quality and eye-catching asphalt-based surfacing products. Some of our commercial clients include Waitrose, Aldi and Next. 

We offer a wide range of surfacing products which are suitable for all of our hard landscaping ideas listed above. NatraTex Cotswold is our most natural-looking surfacing product, whereas NatraTex Colour offers bright and vibrant surfaces in a colour of your choice. For an eco-friendly approach, NatraTex Eco is our first eco-friendly surfacing product, which we developed by using up to 50% of recycled materials.

If you’re interested in any of our surfacing products, or if you are looking for more information on a specific surfacing product, please contact us today.