There’s no doubt that paving stones can be extremely beautiful additions to any decorative landscaping – especially when they are freshly laid. However, paving stones have several distinct disadvantages which make them unsuitable in comparison to products such as Natratex’s landscaping materials.

In this article, we’ll be going through some of the disadvantages of paving stones and explaining how NatraTex’s products are superior. NatraTex manufactures high-quality decorative landscaping surfacing products, suitable as replacement for garden paving, park footpaths, MUGA pitches, and a variety of other installations.

They Are Not Cost Effective For Large or Complex Jobs

The first disadvantage of paving stones is that they aren’t cost effective for large or complex installations – where a large number of small paving stones are required and have to be cut to size. Not only is the material expensive, but the additional cost of having the material laid makes the entire project prohibitively expensive. This is particularly true of specialist materials, such as granite.

In contrast, NatraTex’s surface products are extremely cost effective, regardless of the size of the installation, the type of installation, or if you decide to add a complex design. We can make your aesthetic designs a reality quickly and cost effectively.

They Absorb Moisture Easily

As a material, stone readily absorbs moisture; its channels allow water and other liquids to seep into the structure, leaving it open to cracking or damage because of constant freezing and thawing. At the same time as being open to cracking, paving stones quickly attract moss, weeds and other invasive species of plant thanks to this near-constant state of being wet. These plants grow around and into the stone, not only ruining the landscape design but also causing damage to the stones over time through weathering.

In order to impede or abate this, paving stones require a lot of maintenance over the entire lifespan of the installation. Not only does this take up valuable time to do, but if you  choose to have a professional do it, you could be looking at a considerable bill.

In contrast, NatraTex’s range of surface materials can be made to be as porous as the customer requests. At its base mixture, NatraTex is as porous as any coloured tarmac product; however, the client can easily request for it to be made harder. This level of control and customizability just isn’t possible with paving stones.

The Stones Have To Be Cut To Size

The final disadvantage of decorative paving stones is that they have to be cut to specific size in order to look right. Like a mosaic, a single imperfect stone can leave the entire design looking wrong. This also means that precise measurements need to be taken of the surface area to be covered. As a result of this, it risks the surface looking uneven if the stones don’t fit properly.

In contrast, NatraTex products simply have to be laid and will simply cover the area by virtue of a liquid filling a space. Depending on the specific product being used and the client’s needs, a pattern can be applied with different colours

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As you can see, NatraTex’s range of decorative hard landscaping products offer numerous advantages over traditional decorative paving stones.

For more information on our products’ advantages, ideas about how we can help to make your space look more aesthetically pleasing, and or any other enquiries, please visit our page on decorative paving.