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Making Construction More Sustainable With NatraTex Eco

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There is no denying that, for a number of years, the construction industry has been a big user of natural resources. But with concerns over climate change and our impact on the environment growing, now is the time to pursue more sustainable construction materials which move away from using the finite resources of our planet.

At BituChem Group, we are passionate about sustainability because it is central to our long term future both as a business and as humans. Because of this, we are now working to put sustainability at the heart of our business, weaving it into our vision and values, as well as formulating innovative solutions which are both sustainable and fit for purpose in the creation of high-quality cycle paths, driveways, playgrounds and roads.

As our products are used for a wide range of projects ranging from recreation and residential to retail and regeneration, we’ve recognised just how important it is to create a sustainable hard landscaping material that continues to be cost-effective, durable and attractive.

Paving The Way To A Sustainable Future

We believe that what’s inside our hard landscaping materials is just as important as how they look on the outside. That’s why we developed NatraTex Eco, our pioneering surface course which is made up of a minimum of 50% recycled materials, all of which are sourced locally.

As you may know, asphalt is a recyclable product. When it is stripped from roads it can be broken down and treated to be used again with no deterioration in performance. This is so important because sourcing the resources needed to make asphalt can be both costly and draw upon the earth’s precious (and finite) resources.

As advocates for the reduce, reuse, recycle ethos, we are very proud to have formulated NatraTex Eco, which is just as high-performing as our other hard landscaping materials while having a sustainable impact on our environment.

Sustainability Without Compromise

When we set about creating NatraTex Eco, we were determined to create a product that was both sustainable and uncompromising in its quality. For us, it was not sufficient to create a surface course that was sustainable but unable to withstand prolonged use and exposure to the elements.

Because of this, NatraTex Eco delivers on our promise on sustainability without any change in performance. As well as being a sustainable, ethical choice, it is also cost-effective, durable and attractive. We have also formulated NatraTex Eco in a variety of colours, much like our NatraTex Colour range, so it can be used to make vibrant, eye-catching surfaces for playgrounds and multi-use games areas.

Request A Sample Today

If you would like to learn more about NatraTex Eco and its sustainable credentials, please contact us. For contractors and highways authorities, we would be happy to arrange a CPD session to help you find out more about NatraTex surfacing and its benefits. For private homeowners, our team can put you in touch with approved contractors who are competent in working with NatraTex in creating driveways and other surfaces.

Finally, if you would like to get hands-on with NatraTex Eco, you can request a sample online today and see its high quality for yourself.