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New Case Studies From NatraTex!

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At NatraTex, we’re always ecstatic when a client is happy with the work we have completed for them. What makes us more ecstatic is when a client decides that they’re happy enough with our work to allow us to use their surfaces as a case study.

 Not only does this show that our clients are happy with the work that we have completed for them, but it also shows that they are happy enough that they are happy for us to use that work as part of their overall advertising. To our customers who have given us this privilege, we thank you. 

Over the past year, there have been many customers who have been happy with our coloured paving surface solutions. For this blog, we’ve decided to highlight some of the many case studies that our clients have been gracious enough to allow us to host on our website. 

Hampton Manor 

Formerly a country manor, Hampton Manor Hotel in Solihull, West Midlands is a beautiful space with old-world charm. When renovating this space, it was important to maintain that charm while also refining the car park and entrance – as the client requested. The client wanted a warm, durable surface to approach the manor as pleasing as possible. 

Following consultations, the client chose NatraTex Cotswold because of its cost-effectiveness, minimal maintenance and quick installation. 

Selly Oak 

Near the heart of Birmingham, the Selly Oak triangle is a high-traffic area built to increase connectivity throughout the inner city. The Birmingham City Council asked us to highlight key bike lanes, the goal of which was to encourage more people to take up cycling in the busy inner city. To accomplish this, it was decided to use our NatraTex Colour product – in particular NatraTex Blue. This is a bright, attention-grabbing shade that is impossible to miss – making it the perfect choice for this particular job. 

If we don’t say so ourselves, this job turned out particularly well. Not only does NatraTex do the task that we hoped it would, but the deep blues have helped to rejuvenate the space. 

Ross on Wye 

Formerly a set of fairly humdrum gravel drives, several residents of the English town of Ross on Wye elected to have their drives re-done. The residents wanted to breathe new life into this space, whilst also maintaining existing architectural features. To accomplish this, the client chose NatraTex Cotswold, as it would create a warm, inviting space – one similar to Indian sandstone. At the same time, Cotswold offered something different than the traditional black or grey paving.  

Decorative Paving From NatraTex 

For over ten years NatraTex has provided our clients with high-quality surfacing solutions, enabling them to revitalize and re-energise their spaces. Our projects include decorative driveways, school surfacing, and many, many more. 

For more information about our range of coloured tarmac alternatives and surfacing options, get in contact with NatraTex today.