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Rethinking The Playground: School Surfaces For A New Era

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COVID-19 has been the catalyst for change across the board. From retail environments to offices, life looks very different now than it did a year ago. Schools, too, have had to swiftly adapt in response to government guidelines to keep staff, pupils and their families safe.

School playgrounds have always been a vital part of the learning experience. A place where children can socialise, learn and expend some of their endless energy, play areas are used, not just for sports and physical activity, but learning too. No doubt, as the new school year progresses some schools will look at doing more outside, so it’s essential for the surfacing used in the creation of these areas to be durable, low maintenance and safe.

NatraTex School Surfacing

School surfacing is a vital hard landscaping element. These spaces aren’t just used for play, but can be utilised as outdoor classrooms and are often places where parents congregate at pick up time. For these reasons, playgrounds and outdoor areas should have ample space for social distancing while remaining accessible for all users.

NatraTex surfacing products (NatraTex Cotswold, NatraTex Colour & NatraTex Eco) are fantastic options for school surfacing. They are used to great effect in opening up playground areas and creating plenty of space for all users. Furthermore, the colour palette available in the NatraTex Colour range can be utilised to create ‘zones’ within a playground and demarcate certain areas.

The Benefits Of NatraTex Surfacing For Schools

NatraTex surfacing is fantastic for schools for many reasons. All of the products in the range are durable and resilient enough to withstand heavy footfall and traffic. From PE sessions to breaks and home times, no matter how energetic or busy the playground gets, NatraTex school surfacing will go the distance.

NatraTex is also cost-effective, easy to install and easy to maintain. It needs minimal maintenance to remain safe, aesthetically pleasing and fit for purpose for many years. Installation is also quick and easy, so it can be laid during the summer holidays or half terms and be ready for children coming back to school!

Our Work In Schools

We work with architects and contractors to create new schools and regenerate existing school surfacing. Here are just a few examples of our work:

Marjory Kinnon School

For the Marjory Kinnon School in Feltham, we used a bright and vibrant outdoor environment that worked with the topography of the site. NatraTex Colour forms the base for both the playground and multi-use games area, while NatraTex Cotswold provides accessible footpaths.

Fossebrook Primary School

A new school for early years education, Fossebrook Primary School required an accessible playground with clearly marked areas. NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour were used to create a clear division between areas in the playground.

School Gardens

For a school in Hammersmith, NatraTex Cotswold was used to create a relaxing school garden. Not only did the surfacing help to highlight seating areas, but the warm buff tone of the NatraTex Cotswold also blended seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Talk To Us About School Surfacing

NatraTex from BituChem is a hardwearing, cost-effective asphalt surface course that is perfect for school playgrounds, driveways, roads, footpaths and much more! To find out how NatraTex will benefit your next project, book a CPD session or contact us. Our friendly team would be delighted to discuss your options and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.