Decorative paving at Edgbaston School

A Short Guide To Our Decorative Paving

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When we think of decorative paving, we immediately think of driveways, garden patios and footpaths. To construct these elements, certain materials are needed such as gravel, concrete and pebbles. However, there is a better option. Here at NatraTex, we offer a range of surfacing products which are known for their durability and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

In this article, we will discuss each of our surfacing products in more detail. Whether you are looking for decorative paving in a domestic, commercial, educational or public setting, NatraTex has the ideal solution for your paving project. 

NatraTex Cotswold

This type of material can be used for surfacing decorative driveways, footpaths, school surfacing, playgrounds and domestic use. It is clear-bound and our most naturally coloured option, which gives it a natural-looking finish to resemble traditional Cotswold stone. It is durable, low-maintenance and available in two different warm shades. It’s easy to lay and generally requires to be cured for up to 24 hours. Take a look at our Cotswold portfolio for client transformations using NatraTex Cotswold.

NatraTex Color

For coloured paving, NatraTex Colour offers similar benefits with a boost of pigment. Making it ideal for footpaths, cycle lanes, coloured playgrounds and domestic use. NatraTex Colour is available in colours such as red, blue, gold, green, terracotta, grey, light grey, or salmon. By using NatraTex Colour, it brings a touch of colour and vibrancy, providing you with a bold and colourful result, a great addition to any decorative paving. Adding colour to your paving project has never been easier with NatraTex Colour. To see examples, browse our NatraTex Colour portfolio. 

NatraTex ChipTex

One of our premium products, NatraTex ChipTex consists of coloured aggregate chippings and a clear synthetic binder which is rolled into new or existing black tarmacadam. It is ideal for setting boundaries and it gives a fresh take on the traditional tarmac surfaces such as footpaths, driveways and cycle lanes to name a few. Our ChipTex chippings come in 10mm and 20mm sizes as well as  a range of different colours to suit your needs and surroundings. Once laid, it improves the overall aesthetic of your area. To see how ChipTex improves tarmac surfaces, explore our ChipTex portfolio to see our recent work.

For Your Ideal Paving Solution, Contact Us Today 

Why choose a paving solution from NatraTex for your surfacing project? We’re renowned for product quality which is reflected through our several awards and certifications such as BES 6001, ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. We also provide excellent customer service and value our relationships with our surface constructing clients. Are you unsure of what decorative paving product to choose? Our team is on hand to help you by discussing your project in more detail and advising you on the most suitable solution from our range. For any enquiries, you can get in contact with our team today by making an online enquiry, or calling us on 01594 820250. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.