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Finding the Right Colour For Your Coloured Hard Landscaping

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If you don’t have an idea ready ahead of time, it can feel difficult to decide just how you’re going to transform your home. Your home is a reflection of you, of course, and it can be difficult to create a reflection that you’re happy putting out there into the world. 

This is particularly true of hard landscaping. Its dark greys are often uniform, dull, and off-putting, and trying to make it beautiful can often feel like you’re trying to beautify a prison. But your hard landscaping doesn’t have to be grey, of course. 

At NatraTex we manufacture hard landscaping products in a range of colours. Our products have been designed to bridge the gap between the hard linear landscape of the developed landscape and the bright, almost-chaotic landscape of the natural world. Our landscapes are designed to make a space beautiful, inviting, and human.

In this article, we’ll be going over the various colours that are open to you through NatraTex’s products. As previously mentioned, NatraTex manufactures a range of products in a variety of colours. This means that you have a lot of choices when it comes to what colours you can have! Without further ado, let’s go through them now! 

NatraTex Colour

Our premier colour surfacing solution, NatraTex Colour offers a wide variety in terms of colour available – each of which has its pros and cons depending on the space which you want to beautify. 


NatraTex’s blue is a bright, eye-catching colour that is often used in coloured playgrounds and bus lanes. This colour is great for children’s play areas and other high-visibility areas; however, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for your driveway or the pavement outside your home, as it can be a little bit too loud for these situations. 


Brown’s earthy tones make it ideal for homeowner looking to add a touch of nature to their hard landscaping. NatraTex’s brown-coloured surfacing solution comes in a rich coffee to milk chocolate colour, creating a warm and inviting surface – one ideal for any pavement that has to go through grass. 


The closest to traditional tarmac colour, NatraTex’s grey-coloured surfacing solution is ideal for people looking for an alternative to traditional coloured tarmac but doesn’t want to deviate too much from traditional colours. This makes it a fantastic choice if you’re looking to re-landscape your driveway or pavement outside your home. 


Similar to brown, terracotta is a great colour for public-facing spots around your house. Its earthly tones mean that it doesn’t attract too much attention, but at the same time it has enough difference between it and grey that it gives your home an effortlessly unique feeling. 


Red is another great colour for public-facing spaces, such as driveways and pavements. Like brown and terracotta, it brings an earthy tone to the space whilst also being fairly unique – meaning that you’re likely to get some attention from passers-by. However, NatraTex’s red colour is deep enough to not offend even the most conservative of homeowners associations. 

NatraTex Cotswold 

The best way of describing NatraTex Cotswold is ‘sympathetic.’ NatraTex Cotswold fits well with pretty much any landscape – whether urban or rural – and as a result, we’ve found our clients using it in a variety of ways. One of our favourites is how Hampton Manor used the material to create a bright and inviting driveway.

It’s because of Hampton Manor (as well as other clients’ driveways) that we think NatraTex Cotswold makes a fantastic material for use in driveways. At the same time, it would also make a fantastic base from which to build a patio. In a rural landscape, NatraTex Cotswold would fit almost any kind of surfacing. 

NatraTex Eco 

Similar to NatraTex Cotswold, NatraTex Eco is a golden-coloured surfacing solution which works well for patios, pavements and driveways. Like NatraTex Cotswold, it’s well-suited to rural landscapes thanks to its colouration. 

NatraTex ChipTex 

Resembling traditional chip surfaces, NatraTex ChipTex is well suited to children’s play areas, pavements and driveways. Its dark, muted colours contrast with both pitched grass and traditional concrete, and its dark colouration means that you’re unlikely to have to attract any negative attention from homeowners associations or neighbours. 

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For over ten years, NatraTex has been manufacturing high-quality surfacing products, suitable for a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re looking for good, ecologically-friendly material for redoing your driveway or looking for a wide variety of colours that will pass the test of time, we have the surfacing products for you. 

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