Paving in its many forms is vital for keeping us moving. Whether walking, driving, or parking, durable and long-lasting paving solutions are one of the most important parts of transport and infrastructure. Asphalt, concrete, and resin-bound solutions have long been used to create smooth, solid surfaces. However, as we become more and more conscious of our impact on the environment the materials, we use for paving have also come under scrutiny.

That is where eco-friendly paving comes in. A greener, environmentally friendly option, eco-friendly paving can be used in the same way as traditional surface courses and bring with them all the same benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Paving?

Eco-friendly paving is a great option for several reasons. The first and most obvious benefit of eco-friendly paving is the environmental benefit. Creating paving from reclaimed materials means less energy is put into creating brand new materials, and what is already out there is reused.

Eco-friendly paving is also very cost-effective. For local councils, contractors, private individuals or commercial companies, eco-friendly paving solutions not only help to boost green credentials but also helps to maximise budgets.

About NatraTex Eco

At BituChem, we are very conscious of the impact both our operations and surfacing solutions have on the environment. Our response to this was to develop a sustainable, eco-friendly paving solution: NatraTex Eco.

One of the most recent additions to the NatraTex surface course line up, NatraTex Eco is made using recycled materials. In fact, in every batch of NatraTex Eco, there is at least 50% of recycled materials within it, all of which are sourced locally to further minimise our impact on the environment.

NatraTex Eco can be used to create driveways, footpaths, playgrounds, multi-use games areas, cycle lanes, car parks and more.

Learn More About Eco-Friendly Paving

NatraTex Eco forms part of our asphalt surface course range, alongside NatraTex Colour and NatraTex Cotswold. To find out more about NatraTex Eco and how it can be used in your retail, regeneration, recreational, or residential project, contact us today or book a CPD session.