The cold winter months can have a seriously negative effect on the health of your driveway and other forms of decorative landscaping. Moisture and cold can, if left to sit on your driveway, cause both microscopic and macroscopic damage in your surface – regardless of whether the base was laid with tarmac, concrete or stone. 

If you want to avoid damage, or to stop any damage from spreading further, you should take this opportunity to perform some key maintenance work. NatraTex has over 10 years experience in surface repair and renovation – meaning we know a thing or two about keeping a surface looking great! 

In this article, we’ll be going over some key areas of maintenance that you should consider performing. Scroll below for some great tips. 

Check For Cracks

The first thing you should do when performing spring maintenance is to check your driveway for any small cracks or other signs of damage. There are a number of ways that crackscan be created, including through blunt force from a heavy object hitting the floor or just through continual use over long periods of time. 

Whichever way the crack was formed, if left untreated the effects can be disastrous on your driveway. The crack will continue to grow until it eventually poses a health and safety risk. As such, you should fill in any cracks in your surface as soon as possible. Our sister company BituChem offers materials for such applications. Larger holes should also be filled: not only do they pose a health and safety risk as they are, but they can also lead to health and safety 

Beware of Puddles and Weeds

Related to the above, you should be wary of any standing water on the surface of your driveway. As we’ve previously written, water and other liquids can easily seep into cracks and other blemishes, which eventually leads to potholes and other blemishes in the surface of the driveway. 

In order to stop this from happening, you should remove any large amounts of standing water from your driveway as soon as possible. Brushing puddles away can accomplish this easy enough. You don’t need to worry about smaller amounts of water – as these will evaporate on their own. 

Likewise, weeds and other invasive plants can cause direct harm to the driveway. As plants and weeds grow, they push against things in their way – including stone, tarmac, and tarmacadam. Because of the risks involved, you should look to remove weeds and invasive plants from your driveway as soon as they appear. Not only will this minimise any potential damage before it happens, it will 

Consider a New Surface 

Our final piece of advice when it comes to performing maintenance on your property is that you may need to consider having a new surface laid in your driveway. 

NatraTex offers a wide range of coloured tarmac alternatives for your decorative driveway. These products are designed to be strong and be resistant to damage. 

For More Information Contact NatraTex Today

If you have any questions about performing necessary repairs and maintenance on your surface, please get in touch with us today. NatraTex offers a number of products, including NatraTex Colour, NatraTex Eco and NatraTex Cotswold. 

These products are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including MUGA pitches, bicycle lanes, bus lanes and other forms of road surfacing.