Resin aggregate is used in the creation of both the resin-bound surfacing and resin-bonded surfacing. It is, put simply, gravel which is available in a wide range of different colours and appearances.

These aggregates are, in the creation of resin-bound surfaces, mixed with a clear resin binder and applied to a sub-base to create a smooth surface. In the case of resin bonded surfaces, the chosen resin aggregates are sprinkled onto a surface which has been prepped with resin. The aggregates then stick to the resin and any loose stones are brushed away to create a textured surface.

Different Types Of Resin Aggregates

There is a wide range of resin aggregates available on the market which are suitable for creating either resin-bound or resin-bonded surfaces. These aggregates can vary in size, shape, colour, and appearance depending on the required finish.

What Are The Alternatives to Resin Aggregate Surfaces?

Resin-bound surfaces are a popular choice for driveways and footpaths due to their durability and versatility. However, they aren’t the only option! At BituChem we have developed our flagship product, which is known as NatraTex, which is a fantastic alternative to resin-bound surfaces.

An asphalt surface course with similar characteristics of a conventional macadam, NatraTex is suitable for creating highways, footpaths, cycle paths, playgrounds, and domestic driveways.

NatraTex Cotswold

NatraTex Cotswold is the first of these products. It is manufactured and supplied to surfacing contractors. It is created by combining natural aggregates with a clear synthetic binder, which when applied to a sub-base creates an attractive durable surface.

NatraTex is favoured for its natural finish and has been used in a variety of regeneration projects because it is sympathetic to the environment, largely maintenance free and cost-effective in its application.

NatraTex Colour

The second of our products, NatraTex Colour is made by adding coloured pigment while combining the aggregates with the synthetic binder. This creates a vibrant surface course that looks fantastic in school playgrounds, on coloured roads and surfaces, or as a part of decorative landscaping.

NatraTex Colour brings with it all the same benefits of NatraTex Cotswold. It is versatile, attractive, durable, and cost-effective. To get an idea of the kind of projects where NatraTex Colour has been used in the past, please take a look at our portfolio.

Maintenance Of NatraTex

One of the reasons why NatraTex is such a popular alternative to resin aggregates is that it is low maintenance. As a hard-wearing surface course weeds cannot grow through it, it can be manufactured to be permeable and it is easy to clean should it become stained.

As well as this, NatraTex is very resilient, which makes it perfect for driveways that get heavy vehicle use, footpaths and even highways. Further to this, in the unlikely event that a NatraTex surface course becomes damaged (for example, while replacing a bollard or accessing underground pipes), NatraTex ColdLay can be used to reinstate specific areas.

ColdLay needs no specialist equipment for laying. It can be hand compacted and is supplied in a portable 25kg bucket. ColdLay is available for both NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour, too, which means no matter your choice of surface course you can be confident that repairs are quick, easy and cost-effective.

Learn more about NatraTex

NatraTex offers a wide range of coloured tarmac alternative surface products, suitable for a wide variety of use cases including estate roads, bus lanes, and play areas – and a wide variety of others.

If you would like to learn more about NatraTex, please contact us. 

Our team would be happy to talk you through the way in which NatraTex products are made, laid and maintained as well as arrange an interactive CPD seminar to help you learn more about NatraTex from the comfort of your own office.

Whether you’re looking to build a decorative playground, some decorative paving, or just looking for some porous coloured asphalt for your driveway you’ll find it at NatraTex.