NatraTex offers a wide range of self-binding gravel products, suitable for a wide range of applications and locales. Whether you’re looking to resurface the coloured driveway with our beautiful NatraTex Colour or looking to resurface the road in front of your office building in our NatraTex Eco product, NatraTex is here to provide you with high quality surface and a product designed to improve your space.  


The first reason why you should consider investing in a NatraTex Surface is because they offer many aesthetic benefits and numerous combinations. This means you can easily achieve the look you want. For example, if you’re looking for brightly coloured surfaces to use as a basis as a MUGA pitch, you’d be well suited by something like NatraTex Colour. 

Likewise, if you need to repair a traditional road surface quickly, you should consider something like our NatraTex Coldlay. This product has been described to serve as a compliment to traditional road surfacing, while also complementing the existing surface with the unique characteristics that make NatraTex’s products the finest on the market. 

The sheer number of options available through NatraTex means that we can satisfy your aesthetic needs – whatever they are. 


The next reason why you should consider NatraTex for your self-binding gravel products for your installation is because NatraTex’s products are extremely durable. Their high tensile and compressive strength means that they can withstand far more activity than other coloured tarmac products. This increased durability means that NatraTex’s products are much less susceptible to damage. As a result, they require much less maintenance than other coloured tarmac alternatives. 

For example, let’s say you have a resin driveway. Over time, through continued use, the surface will be worn away and ground down. Eventually, cracks will form and maintenance will be required. 

In contrast, a NatraTex product will be able to take far more use before it needs to undergo any kind of maintenance. This makes NatraTex’s products much more cost effective in comparison to other road surfacing materials. 

This durability is particularly important if you have surface installations which may require maintenance, but won’t receive it because that installation is remote. For example, a gravel footpath in the middle of a wood would, over time, require considerable maintenance in order to make sure that the gravel doesn’t wash away because of wind or other weather. 

In contrast, NatraTex’s  products stay laid indefinitely, won’t be affected by wind or rain, and only requires maintenance after a considerable  amount of wear and tear – wear and tear usually measured  in the decades. This makes them extremely cost-effective.

Because of this durability, NatraTex’s products are ideal for remote installations and those located in 

Ecological Friendliness 

NatraTex’s products have been designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible. As an ISO 9001, 6001 and 14001 certified company, you can order from NatraTex safely in the knowledge that every care has been taken to make our products as ecologically friendly as possible. 

Furthermore, our NatraTex Eco products have been designed to set a new standard when it comes to ecologically friendly road surfacing products. This product is made out of 50% recycled materials – lowering the ecological footprint of the entire installation considerably. 

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For over ten years, NatraTex has supplied high quality surfacing solutions to our clients in the United Kingdom. Our surfaces are designed to make a statement and for maximum safety. We offer a wide variety of surfacing products, suitable for decorative driveways, school MUGA pitches, or any other location.