Gravel footpaths and walkways have been a firm favourite as a surface choice for several years. However, loose gravel does have its drawbacks. Walkways composed of loose aggregates need more maintenance to keep them looking tidy, as the gravel is easily displaced through walking and even bad weather.

At NatraTex, we have a solution to this challenge that brings all the benefits of a regular gravel path without the drawbacks. These types of gravel footpaths and walkways are suitable for a range of landscapes including commercial sites, parks, and driveways.

NatraTex For Gravel Footpaths & Walkways

Both NatraTex Colour and NatraTex Cotswold can be used to create a gravel footpath that is fantastic for recreational, residential, regeneration, and retail locations. From public parks to private properties, this specialist applied asphalt surface creates a smooth and seamless finish that looks aesthetically pleasing and performs to a high standard.

The reason why NatraTex gravel footpaths are superior to standard gravel footpaths is because they are bound. This means that the aggregates used to make up the path are sealed, and the gravel fixed in place. Because of this, no matter the level of usage or footfall of the path, the gravel is not displaced over time and therefore needs very little maintenance.

The Benefits of NatraTex For Gravel Footpaths

As a bound aggregate surfacing, both NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour are a viable alternative to gravel footpaths. As well as being very low maintenance, with minimal need for cleaning or evening out displaced stones, our bound aggregate surfacing also looks fantastic and is very quick to lay and dry. Because of this, the planning and laying of NatraTex products is quick and easy, with very little disruption to the surrounding area.

Further to this, NatraTex products are available in a range of colours for a finish that is sympathetic to the environment and eye catching. We take great pride in creating products that meet a wide range of applications, therefore gravel footpaths made from NatraTex can be chosen in our classic Cotswold, Grey or Salmon, or for a more vibrant finish, blue, green or red with NatraTex Colour.

Find Out More About NatraTex Gravel Footpaths

If you are considering a gravel footpath for your next project, contact us today. We have a long-standing reputation with commercial, industrial and private clients such as Sainsburys and Waitrose for creating beautiful, low maintenance gravel footpaths. To get an idea of how NatraTex products look like when they are laid, take a look at some of our past projects over on our Portfolio Page.