Decorative Paving in Gloucestershire

Decorative Paving for Homes and Gardens

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Decorative paving is an important element in landscape architecture and garden design. The hard landscaping which surrounds our homes performs many functions. It guides and steers us through a space while creating the zoning and basis for softer elements such as the choice of planting. Whether it is used for a driveway, footpath or a communal area for socialising outside. Decorative paving works harmoniously with the architecture to create a unification between the building and its situation. NatraTex provides an array of options for private homeowners or residential developers to create the perfect and welcoming environment in which to live.

Practical and Durable Decorative Paving Solutions

Decorative paving from NatraTex delivers a high quality finish and aesthetic. When combined with the products proven record for durability, it is a popular choice for use in residential locations. NatraTex Cotswold is a synthetically bound aggregate which exudes the warm tones of Cotswold stone. It sits comfortably next to modern homes or historic buildings making it a popular choice for architects and landscape designers. From the sweeping and expansive footpaths on a private Surrey estate gardens, to contemporary homes in Sheffield, Oxfordshire, Winchester or South Wales. NatraTex offers an outstanding surfacing solution and an alternative to paving slabs and gravel footpaths. Where access is an important factor, this decorative paving delivers a smooth hard wearing surface which is perfect for wheel chair access and a stable surface for those who require assistance to walk and stand. Natratex Cotswold has been used for the disabled viewing area at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Supplying Decorative Paving to Residential Developments Across the UK

Residential developments benefit from NatraTex decorative paving because it is easy to install, robust and looks great. We can deliver it hot and ready to work to your site for immediate installation. We understand that time is money in the construction business, so we will provide materials to fit in with your building schedule. To discover more or to get a quote, please contact us.