Surfaces for Safe Cycling Using Resin Alternatives

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Bike to school week 2019 is a week long event held from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th September designed to showcase the benefits of cycling to school. NatraTex supports bike to school week by installing durable, coloured cycle lanes.

What are the benefits of cycle lanes and alternative cycle routes?

Bike to School Week highlights how riding a bicycle has a positive effect on ourselves and our environment. Children can learn about checking their cycle to make sure it is safe to use before setting off on their journey. They can let their imaginations run wild and get creative with designs to customise and “Bling their Bike”. Understanding how getting outside and riding is good for our physical and mental health, from increased heart rates to improving our concentration and mood. They get to discuss what generates carbon dioxide and other air pollutants and how it affects our climate and the air we breathe. Many aspects of the National Curriculum are covered through cycle based learning.

According to Sustrans, the cycling charity, through their safe cycling initiatives, dedicated routes and the Bikeability programme, 5.2 million school run trips by car have been removed from the road and 786 million walking and cycling trips were made on the National Cycle Network.

Safer Cycling Routes Using Resin Alternatives

NatraTex is a durable installation that is available in various mix designs to provide confidence and a solution as well as various colours to suit any scheme whether in a residential area or to demarcate when included alongside highway works. NatraTex also offers a porous solution.

NatraTex is a smooth and bound material that is a direct replacement surface course in a typical pavement design.

NatraTex’s key benefits over other resin alternatives:

  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable
  • Quick installation

Are you a town planner, local authority or council looking to improve the cycle network in your area?

Creating cycle lanes and routes along which people can have the opportunity and ability to walk, cycle, scoot or wheel is highly beneficial to the community. NatraTex has a proven record in this field and can assist you with durable cycle path surfacing to maximise your budget and the wider benefits to the population and the environment.

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