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Why A Good-Looking Building Is Good for The Environment

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Why A Good-Looking Building Is Good for The Environment

At NatraTex, we often talk about making areas look their best – regardless of whether that area is a stately home or a bus stop. But we rarely talk about why it’s important that areas look their best, and why it’s important that areas not be allowed to fall into decay and disrepair. However, there are important reasons why you would want your local areas to look good that stretch beyond the purely aesthetic. In this article, we’ll be going over these reasons. 

Reason 1: The Broken Window

The first reason why looking good is important for an area is a psychological and criminological theory known as the Broken Window theory.

Originally developed by James Q Wilson and George L Kelling, an American political scientist and criminologist respectively, the Broken Window theory is the idea that states that, ‘if a building has one broken window, it is almost inevitable all other windows in that building will be broken sooner rather than later.’

To go into further detail, this theory explains that one example of ‘run-downness’ quickly encourages more ‘run-downness’ – that one example of public vandalism will encourage more vandalism. With such run-downness and vandalism come crime and other negative social actions.

As such, we can understand that by keeping social spaces, such as cycle lanes, and decorative footpaths in parks and other locations clean and looking good, we are minimising the risk of serious negative social problems, such as crime, from developing in the first place. In turn, this minimises the risk of vandalism and ‘run-downness’ from developing in the first place.

In turn, this keeps crime to a minimum and helps to minimise the amount of policing required.

Reason 2: Curb Appeal

The second reason why looking good is good for the community is because an area that looks good will ultimately always have higher curb appeal than a locale that has a lower curb appeal. Curb appeal, generally speaking, is defined as a building or location’s ability to turn heads and interest people.

For example, a home with a well-kept, brightly coloured driveway (which you could use our NatraTex Colour product to build) will have much higher curb appeal than a home with a dull, badly-kept driveway. Because of this curb appeal, the owner of that home can charge more for that home if or when they decide to sell their home.

Likewise, a well-maintained, clean area which uses bright colours will attract more foot traffic than an area which has been allowed to decay. As a result, businesses such as restaurants and shops in that area will do more business, and landlords and governments can charge more rent and tax for occupying this space.

As you can see, curb appeal increases the worth of individual homes and the area as a whole. In essense, the entire local economy will be improved because of the increased level of curb appeal.

Decorative Hard Landscaping from NatraTex

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