Decorative Paving Solutions for Public Spaces

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Achieving a well designed and appealing public space requires a conjuncture of elements all working together and decorative paving is a crucial part of this. Public spaces are important. Good public spaces are designed to slow people down, they attract and provide an area which encourages people to stay, pause for a while, commune and enjoy the surroundings, otherwise they are just a thoroughfare. Public spaces are also about continuity. Decorative paving can be configured to present continuity, direction and is the basis on which parks, playgrounds, squares and open spaces foster a collective experience.

Decorative Paving Benefits the Community

The benefits of being outside, experiencing social interaction and community are scientifically proven to be good for overall health and well being. Having good public spaces is a barometer which indicates the health of a society. They are about participation and inclusion, and good examples of these can be found within the NatraTex project portfolio. What they all have in common is accessibility and this is possible through decorative paving. Smooth and level, whether you are on foot, in a pram, a wheelchair, or on a bicycle. Members of the public can visit these spaces regardless of their age and mobility. Playgrounds and park areas have been made the focal point of a residential area. MUGA’s encourage sport activity and fun. Without decorative paving solutions, none of these environments would be possible. So, how is this achieved?

Leading the Way in Decorative Paving

Architects and urban planners understand the necessity of a decorative paving that suits the intended aesthetics while delivering on longevity. Balancing creativity with value for money and budgets is all part of the process. NatraTex has a collection of high quality colourful surfacing as an alternative to traditional black surfacing, which has been applied in communal spaces across retail, residential, recreational and regeneration sectors. Our experience across a broad range of projects incorporating public spaces means we are ideal partners and suppliers of decorative paving for your project. Ready mixed and delivered hot to site in insulated trucks for timely installation by your construction team or contractor. Contact us today for a quote and further information.