Permeable Pavement Solutions Using NatraTex

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What is permeable pavement?

Sustainable drainage systems are a series of water management components where modern drainage systems line up with natural water processes to allow a consistent flow through the water cycle from rainfall to the sea. A permeable pavement is just one piece in this intricate jigsaw.

It is the surface layer of a road, footpath, car park or playground. Any built environment has the potential to obstruct or redirect and alter the course of rainfall as it hits the ground before it enters the drainage system. Importantly it can change the speed at which this happens. Having a layer of surfacing which can allow water to seep through and drain at a consistent rate prevents flooding.

Permeable pavement is one of these factors, alongside storm surge overflows, soil percolation, and bio-filtration.

Install a Colourful Permeable Pavement

Permeable pavement could be formed by a top layer of aggregate such as gravel or wide range of chippings, shingles, flints or quartz. These may not be appropriate for routes and areas where inclusive access is required. Those who rely on wheel chairs, or may be vulnerable to trips and falls will find this type of surfacing difficult to travel over.

NatraTex coloured paving has a tonal selection to match aggregates like Cotswold stone. But it delivers a smooth and durable surface which can also be specified to be SUDS compliant. Sitting upon a series of sub layers it offers a synthetically bound and attractive alternative to loose aggregates, block paving, or traditional stone slabs.

Discover More About NatraTex Permeable Pavement

To discover more about NatraTex permeable pavement you can arrange for a short presentation and CPD session complete with lunch at your venue. Here, a member of our surfacing experts can show you how you can provide a sustainable surface without compromising on porosity.

Book your CPD presentation or contact us today for more details about our coloured paving.