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On 27th July 2020 the Department of Health and Social Care announced a new ‘Better Health’ campaign alongside a package of measures designed to help people lose weight. This new initiative comes following evidence that obese individuals are at increased risk should they contract COVID-19.

The Better Health Campaign aims to support the nation in getting fit and healthy, which will in turn help to protect them against COVID-19 and protect the NHS. The announced measures include:

  • A ban on TV and online adverts for food high in fat, sugar and salt before 9am
  • A ban on ‘buy one get one free’ deals for unhealthy food high in salt, sugar and fat
  • Calories to be displayed on menus in restaurants

Alongside this, the ‘Better Health’ campaign will also encourage the nation to embrace a healthier lifestyle by incorporating more exercise into their day to day lives alongside improved eating habits.

Getting The Nation Moving More

One of the ways in which the ‘Better Health’ scheme will promote a healthier lifestyle is by encouraging people to cycle and walk more, particularly when it comes to their daily commute. Cycle to work schemes are not new, but during the pandemic they have seen a 200% increase in bicycle orders from people working for emergency services and strong bicycle sales across the board.

Whether it’s because of a fear of catching Coronavirus on public transport that has led to this higher demand or the fact that the nation has taken the 1 form of exercise a day directive to heart, more of us are getting out and about on bikes and walking more. Therefore, it’s imperative that roads, foot ways, cycle lanes, and park footpaths are fit for purpose to accommodate the increase.

The Importance Of Cycle Lanes & Footpaths

Earlier on this year, the Department for Transport announced plans for a cycling and walking investment package worth £3 billion. The purpose of this funding is to encourage people to use public transport, cycle or walk more. The DfT claims the investment package will be used to create ‘pop up’ bike lanes, wider pavements, and cycle corridors.

Alongside this a multi-billion-pound investment fund will also contribute to resurfacing roads and footways to support the economy as we recover from COVID-19. Smooth, well-maintained cycle lanes, park foot paths and footways are hugely important to minimize the risk to pedestrians, bike and vehicle users. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injury and death when it comes to poorly maintained roads. So, for that reason alone, it’s vital that cycle lanes are clearly marked and park footpaths and smooth and accessible to all users.

Supporting Infrastructure with NatraTex Coloured Cycle Paths & Footpaths

We have an expansive selection of surfacing products that are ideal in a range of applications – including coloured cycle paths, park footpaths and footways. These include NatraTex Cotswold and Natratex Colour. Both of these resin bound alternative surfacing products can be used to create hard-wearing, low maintenance landscapes that are ideal for vehicle use, cyclists, and pedestrians. The newest addition to our road and footpath surfacing products, NatraTex Eco, is a sustainable version of our flagship products. Created from recycled materials, it can be used to create a resilient surface course with the sustainable credentials to match.

To find out more about any of our NatraTex products, contact us. Or should you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ section and Knowledge Hub to learn more. We also offer CPD sessions to help contractors and other professionals better understand the benefits of using NatraTex in the course of their work.

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