A World of Decorative Landscape Options

NatraTex |

Decorative landscaping covers a broad range of outdoor spaces and NatraTex has a highly adaptive surface to create a decorative landscape for domestic, commercial or community scenarios. The success of NatraTex is down to the way that it can be specified as an all encompassing material for outdoor areas. For pathways, driveways and fully surfaced areas, we have a colour and a design mix which can match any location.

It also sits comfortably next to other traditional decorative aggregates like loose slate chippings, pebbles, gravel and more. Where paving slabs, cobble stones, and even conventional black tarmacadam has been specified, NatraTex Colour or NatraTex Cotswold options will juxtapose and meet even the most challenging landscape and garden design requirements.

Transform Outdoor Spaces with NatraTex

Outdoor spaces are about connecting people and architecture, seamlessly flowing between the two. We can help bring to fruition a landscape architects’ vision with a broad palette of colours and SUDS compliant surfacing solutions. From practical functionality to decorative landscaping; creating a space which effortlessly combines style and purpose.
Whether it is for domestic or commercial purposes, where an outdoor area needs transforming and regenerating, specifying NatraTex creates many options.

Decorative Landscaping Surfaces from NatraTex

Decoratively landscaped locations have the power to change how an individual or a group of people interact, either with each other or with the space itself. They can alter how we feel and change our state of mind. This is perfectly demonstrated in urban park spaces, where their design becomes a place of tranquillity and respite away from the bustle of city traffic.

Having a garden space in a school or a work place has a similar effect. Escaping the stresses of study and work for a moment during a break time is a both mindful and beneficial.
Alternatively, there may be spaces which are intended to energise and stimulate. This could be a school playground with vibrant colours and play areas to encourage imagination and interaction. A place to let off steam and run around.

All these decorative landscaping options can be achieved through NatraTex. Contact us to discuss your project requirements further.