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SUDs Compliant Coloured Surfacing

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When it comes to coloured surfacing, what does SUDS compliant mean?

SUDS is the acronym for “sustainable urban drainage systems”. This is the method by which surface water is absorbed, infiltrated and channelled into the drainage system within an urban area.

A natural and undeveloped habitat will absorb and filter surface water from rainfall across a wider surface area. It will find its way underground and into streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. These all have a natural flow in the transportation of water through its hydrological cycle.

Once man made structures like buildings, roads, footpaths and carparks have been constructed to create an urban environment. These impervious surfaces change the direction, flow and volume of water which can lead to localised flooding as the system cannot cope with heavy volumes of rainfall. Water treatment is less effective, leading to pollution being relocated elsewhere within the water cycle.

This has been recognised as a major problem so urban planning now requires systems which can control the way water enters the drainage systems. The first line of counteraction is to install permeable pavements in conjunction with swales, filter strips, soakaways, and bioretention areas.

Highly Adaptive Coloured Surfacing

NatraTex has developed its coloured surfacing so that it can be specified in a porous form to assist in controlling the peak flow of surface water. Decorative paving needs to go beyond aesthetics and combine practical solutions to benefit the environment. School playgrounds, park footpaths, and retail car parks all cover a large surface area which makes water run off faster, collecting and flooding at grids and drainage points. By enabling a range of permeability, NatraTex coloured surfacing allows water to seep into the ground over a wider and more controlled area. In doing so this acts as the first line of defence against the problems associated with urban areas and their impact upon the hydrological cycle.

The Coloured Surfacing Solution for Your Project

Here at NatraTex we understand that construction and regeneration projects have their own unique challenges. Whether it is for coloured surfacing in an area of historic importance, to locations of environmental sensitivity. We have experience in manufacturing and supplying coloured paving which has a big colour palette. From vibrant primary colours to subtle natural hues. NatraTex Cotswold and Natratex Colour is ideal for all situations. Equally important is that it delivers on durability and can be specified to a type which will comply with SUDS regulations.

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